Hi there!

My name is Caitlin and I'm a freelance photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Currently you can find me residing in one of the most picturesque towns in the world - Banff, Canada. Surrounded by mountains and turquoise lakes, it is rare to find me on a day without a camera in my hand.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed taking photo's, I think as soon as I could hold a camera I was out snapping anything I could find. I was lucky enough to have grown up in a beautiful spot in the South West of Australia and have always been fascinated by the amazing natural world around me. I have a very close and adventurous family and have spent a lot of time on family holidays; traveling, camping, fishing, kayaking, exploring...etc. I think this sparked my passion for travel and a thirst to capture it behind a camera.

After completing High School I spent my "gap year" working for a local wedding photography company in my home town.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and learned a great deal about photography. It was this year I also purchased my first SLR camera.

Since then I have gone on to receive my degree for Mass Communications at Curtin University majoring in Marketing and Film. I have since worked as a marketing administrator and photographer for a real estate company and have had success working as a freelance special events photographer in Perth.

After traveling around Canada last year I quickly fell in love with the beautiful country. That is when I decided to get my working holiday visa and make Banff my home. Surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery, I am in Photography heaven. As time goes by I am becoming more and more passionate about photography and plan to spend a lot more time growing as a photographer here. I hope to use my time here to develop my skills and build my portfolio.

My experience and interests include: Travel, Portraits, Weddings, Landscapes, Special Events, Night Life Socials, Pets, Animals, Corporate, Real Estate, Promotions. I am constantly seeking new experiences both in photography and my everyday life and would be delighted to work with anyone who has any ideas or projects for me.